aespa Enchants With Their Delicate Beauty In The Teaser Video For ‘Forever’

SM Entertainment‘s rookie girl group aespa released a teaser video ahead of their upcoming comeback.

On February 4, aespa unveiled the first teaser video for their new song ‘Forever.’ ‘Forever’ is a remake of Yoo Young-jin’s song ‘Forever’ from her winter season album “Winter Vacation In” released in 2000.

Fans commented, “In this aespa will showcase their beautiful voices,” “They are really beautiful,” “Why do I get a Christmas vibe from this MV teaser?” “I Can’t contain my happiness, I’m so excited for this,” and “Compared to Black Mamba, this is going to be such a calm vibe.”

Meanwhile, aespa’s comeback with ‘Forever’ has been scheduled to be released on February 5 at 6PM KST.

Check out the video below!

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