Knetizens Can’t Stop To Praise Kang Daniel’s Sleeveless Picture

Singer Kang Daniel is back with a new SNS update.

On January 31, Kang Daniel posted a new photo on Instagram along with the caption, “😄”

In the picture, the singer is looking directly at the camera leaning against the wall. In particular, he looks gorgeous in a sleeveless t-shirt and blue jeans.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel will be back with new music in February. He will release a new album six months after the second mini-album ‘Magenta.’

Check out Knetizens comments below.


1. His shoulders are so pretty. I wish he could perform like that

2. I want to see him perform in these clothes

3. Wow handsome. He’s a powerful entertainer with a cool physique and atmosphere

4. He has a beautiful shoulder line

5. Why he looks so good these days?

6. Wow, I love sleeveless shirts

7. His shoulders are crazy. It reminds me of “Energetic”

8. Wow, Kang Daniele is so handsome

9. His body shape is so pretty

10. Kang Daniel’s sleeveless shirt? The atmosphere is so good

*comments are from TheQoo

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