GOT7’s BamBam Makes Fans Emotional As He Says Goodbye To Mark Going Back To LA

GOT7‘s BamBam shares his feelings with fans.

On January 31, BamBam wrote two posts on Twitter on Instagram, saying goodbye to GOT7’s Mark. In fact, the singer is going back to his hometown in LA today after leaving JYP Entertainment.

He said, “This is the first day in Korea for you and today finally you’re going home, I’m happy for you brother and I’m going to miss you a lot man. I’ll see you again really soon,” and “I’m going to miss you brother.”

Fans commented, “I’m in tears,” “Bambam, thank you for making me cry,” “If BamBam’s says they’ll meet again soon, I’m only holding on to that and nothing else,” “They really chose to make us cry,” and “I wish soon they all come together and make comeback as GOT7.”

Check out BamBam’s posts below!

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