The Housekeeper Stole TWICE Goods From Tzuyu Family Home In Taiwan

The housekeeper stole TWICE goods from Tzuyu‘s home in Taiwan.

According to the Taiwanese media outlet ET Today, Tzuyu’s mother confirmed that TWICE goods disappeared in large quantities from her home. She found the missing items on a used goods trading site and reported them to the police.

A police investigation found that the criminal was a housekeeper named ‘Wang’ in her late 20s. She visited Tzuyu’s house once a week to clean up. 

The goods that Tzuyu’s mother had collected included 62 photo cards, 11 albums, and 2 photo books with TWICE members’ autographs.

Tzuyu’s mother said, “It’s not a big event that CDs or photos were lost,” but she said, “I really wanted to get it back because it was the achievement that Tzuyu had built while working hard in Korea. As a parent, I can’t put a price on this.”

Police arrested Wang on suspicion of theft and recovered some of the items.

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