GFRIEND Eunha Reveals Her High School ID + Knetizens React

GFRIEND Eunha stuns with her pre-debut picture.

On January 25, on a popular Korean community, knetizens discussed GFRIEND Eunha’s visual during her high school days.

The picture was revealed by Eunha on Weverse along with the capture, “After a long search, a photo that Buddy might not even know about.”


  1. Eunha looks really good with short hair. She’s cute

2. That’s cute. That’s the makeup from back then

3. That makeup looks better on her

4. She looks pretty, but she looks like a different person after her debut. The atmosphere is different

5. I think it’s someone else

6. Eunha was at Jinmyeong Girls’ High School? I didn’t know

7. I like Eunha because she is so cute

8. She’s different from what she looks like now

9. She used to come to my class to see my classmates, but every time I saw her, I couldn’t help but look at her

10. She’s so pretty. I think she’ll still look like that if she puts on makeup like she did before

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