BTS Jungkook Looks Like A Prince With His Blonde Hair + Fans Reaction

BTS Jungkook shakes everyone’s heart with his beauty.

On January 25, Jungkook released a new picture on BTS’s Twitter account. The photo shows the multi-talented artist taking a selfie-and sticking his lips out. In particular, he captured all attention with his blonde hair and flawless skin.

Soon after the release of the new selfie, Jungkook trended worldwide on Twitter. Fans praised his visual with comments such as, “Even if there wasn’t gravity on earth, I’d still fall for you,” “Jungkook has returned to Twitter with the best selfie of the year,” “We got blonde Jungkook selfie. You are looking so handsome JK,” and “A long blonde hair Jungkook selfie was all I needed.”

Enjoy the picture below and leave supportive comments.

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