GOT7’s BamBam Broke Twitter With His Perfect Beauty

GOT7’s BamBam amazes with his beauty.

On January 22, BamBam posted a new photo on Twitter along with the message, “My hair is already touching my forehead.” The picture shows BamBam taking a close-up selfie revealing his flawless beauty. He also mesmerizes with his new blonde hair and pink lips.

Fans left many comments such as, “This hairstyle suits you very well,” “You are too handsome, perfect in my eyes,” “The lips are very pink,” and “BamBam’s hair might hit the forehead. But BamBam’s face has hit my heart a long time ago.”

Meanwhile, BamBam has reached 7.4 million followers on his personal Twitter profile.

Enjoy the picture below and leave a supportive comment.

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