Knetizens Envious Of NCT Jaehyun And Park Hye Soo Holding Hands While Shooting ‘Dear. M’

NCT Jaehyun and Park Hye Soo were spotted holding hands while shooting the new romance drama “Dear. M.”

Check out all the pictures below!

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“Height difference… ❤️❤️”

“JAEHYUN is the best”

“Oh my God, my prince”

“Jung Jaehyun ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ😭”

“Oh, I’m jealous”

“Ahhhh so cute 😍. Dear M fighting ❤️”

“I’m going to get dizzy when I see the teaser”

“I want to hold Jaehyun’s hand too”

“I envy you for holding hands”

“I can’t watch it because it hurts”

“I envy you”

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