GOT7’s Youngjae Signed An Exclusive Contract With Sublime Artist Agency

GOT7‘s Youngjae signed an exclusive contract with Sublime Artist Agency.

On January 20, Subrime Artist Agency announced the signing of an exclusive contract with Youngjae, and said, “We are happy to be with the multi-talented artist Youngjae. In addition to music activities, we will provide support to show his talents in more diverse fields. We ask for your continued support and interest in the future activities of Youngjae, an artist belonging to the Sublime Artist Agency.”

Sublime Artist Agency is an entertainment company that works with entertainment management, music planning and production, and advertising. Actor Song Kang-ho, Rain, Yoon Junghee, Hani, Hyomin, Ki Eunse, Lee Yongwoo, Kim Heejung, Im Nayoung, and Shin Soohyun belong to the agency.

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