Knetizens Share Mixed Reactions Over BTS Jungkook’s Arm Tattoos

BTSJungkook shows off his arm tattoos while cooking during the latest episode of Run BTS (ep. 125).


1. Wow

2. Our Jungkook is everything. Pretty and cool

3. More than I thought. Surprised

4. I think one or two of them are cool, but the one at forearm level is…too much

5. It’s… it’s a little too much

6. A singer with the fanclub name on his body is a wonderful person

7. I think each one of them is meaningful. I hope Jungkook can talk about it quietly. It’s so cool

8. I think it’s the eye of Sauron 👁

9. He got more tattoos than I thought

10. Jungkook, do whatever you want

Source: Theqoo

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