aespa Unveils ‘Black Mamba’ Behind The Scenes + Knetizens React

aespa unveiled a new video!

On January 8, SM Entertainment’s rookie group aespa released ‘Black Mamba’ behind the scenes through their Youtube channel.  In the video, aespa enchant with their outstanding beauty and bright personalities.

aespa is SM’s first girl group in six years since Red Velvet. The name aespa is a combination of “æ,” which expresses ‘Avatar X Experience,’ and the word ‘aspect,’ which stands for “meeting another of your own self avatar and experiencing a new world.”

Kneizens commented, “Giselle look prettier with dark hair,” “They are so beautiful,” “NingNing really looks like a baby,” “Yoo Jimin’s face is so small,” “They’re so cute and talented,” “The concept is so nice,” and “Let’s always be happy, aespa.”

Check out the video below!

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