Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Sent A Coffee Truck To Hyeri On The Set Of Her New Drama ‘Frightening Cohabitation’

Hyeri expressed her gratitude to the coffee truck sent by Taeyeon.

On January 7, Hery posted three new photos on Instagram along with the caption, “My love Kim Taengoo, today was the coldest day ever, so you sent a truck of coffee and churros. I’m crying now because I’m so moved. Thank you, Taeyeon! “

In the pictures, Hyeri is standing in front of a coffee truck sent by Taeyeon on the set of her new drama ‘Frightening Cohabitation.’

Fans left many comments, “Beautiful,” “She’s such an angel. Thank you for being part of her life,” “You deserve all the happiness in the world,” and “You are the prettiest.”

Enjoy the pictures below!

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