GOT7’s BamBam Gifts Fans With The Song “SunShine” To Celebrate The New Year

GOT7‘s BamBam released a new song to celebrate the New Year!

On January 1, BamBam posted a new video on Instagram along with the message, “SunShine. Happy new year Goodbye DAMN! 2020 and Welcome 2021☺️ This is my new year gift for you guys hope you enjoy my song “SunShine” Love you all💚 and see you next year!

“SunShine” is a calming song written and composed by BamBam, previously rejected by JYP twice.

Fans left many supportive comments such as, “This is the perfect song to go into the new year with,” “Happy new year,” “This song really really touched my heart,” and “Sunshine is one of the best song and its the best new year present for me.”

In recent news, BamBam’s twitter account has reached 7 milliom followers.

Enjoy BamBam’s new song below!

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