Kang Daniel Joins The Campaign ‘Please Protect Me’ To Support Children In Crisis Families

Singer Kang Daniel spreads his good influence again!

Kang Daniel recently joined the campaign “Please Protect Me” hosted by the Holt Children’s Welfare Association.

“Please Protect Me” is a campaign that creates and delivers book covers to protect and cheer children in crisis families.

Kang Daniel and Konnect Entertainment worked hard to produce 100 book covers within two weeks. 

The book covers made by Kang Daniel will be delivered to children in need of protection through the Holt Children’s Welfare Association.

Kang Daniel explained, “It’s the end of the year and it’s freezing cold. That’s why I wanted to share some warmth. I hope many people will join me and give a lot of strength to the children.”

The Holt Children’s Welfare Association said, “We will make efforts to ensure that children in crisis families are warmly protected through the book covers and the donations received.”

You can watch Kang Daniel handcrafting book covers below!

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