World-Renowned Fashion Designer Kay Kim Revealed To Be The Costume Designer For aespa’s ‘Black Mamba’

Kay Kim, a world-renowned fashion designer, is the costume designer for SM rookie girl group aespa‘s debut song “Black Mamba.”

According to the agency SM Entertainment, the meeting began when general producer Lee Soo Man, who has always been interested in K-Kim’s design, commissioned the production of main concept costumes that can express Espa well. Kay Kim then joined as a costume director for the debut song “Black Mamba.”

The costumes produced and directed by K.Kim maximize the charms of aespa and visualize the new concept that crosses the real and virtual worlds, using chiffon materials to create a fantasy and a flower-like atmosphere.

Meanwhile, aespa’s debut song “Black Mamba” reached 100th place on Billboard’s global chart (except the United States) in the fourth week of November with just three days, and its music video surpassed 21 million views in 24 hours on Youtube.

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