Kang Daniel Looks Cool And Attractive Behind The Scenes Of His Commercial With The Actress Bae Doona

Singer Kang Daniel flaunts his unrivaled beauty.

On December 28, ELLE Korea released the amazing behind-the-scenes of Kang Daniel and Bae Doona‘s commercial for the luxurious brand Yves Saint Laurent.

In the video, Kang Daniel poses against a green screen, boasting his charismatic beauty and attractive charms. He also grabs everyone’s attention with his deep gaze and perfect body proportions.

Fans commented, “Kang Daniel is handsome,” “Daniel, I want to see this concept again,” “Wow, look at how cool he is. His physique is crazy,” and “We’ve been waiting for this footage since 2019. Thank you so much.”

Enjoy the video below!

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