Knetizens Still Can’t Over Bae Suzy’s Gorgeous Short Hair

How gorgeous Bae Suzy looks with shorter hair!

On a popular Korean online community, Suzy earned praises for how beautiful she looked with a shorter hairstyle. With middle-length hair, she melted everyone’s hearts, proving to suit any style.

Check out their comments below!

– Wow, everything looks good on her

– The best face

– Suzy is everything

– So pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

– Suzy Weibo had that hairstyle that night, which was legendary

– She looks good in any hairstyle

– Suzy is pretty no matter what she does

– What do you call this kind of hair?

– Yeah, it’s more of a legend than a picture of that hair

 – Wow, that small face is full of features. How can the atmosphere be so pure?

– No matter what you do, it’s legendary

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