ASTRO’s Eunwoo Makes Heart Flutter In A Basketball Uniform

ASTRO‘s Eunwoo unveiled new behind-the-scenes of the drama ‘True Beauty.’

On December 26, Cha Eunwoo released several photos on Instagram along with the caption, “Suho.” The pictures show Eunwoo at the filming site of tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “True Beauty.” In particular, he exudes an intense charisma and charming visual in a motorcycle leather suit.

Fans left many comments such as, “I’m enjoying the drama,” “Stay safe SUHO❤️,” “Too handsome 😭,” “Look at this man right here,” “I love both Suho and Eunwoo,” and “A smile suits him better. smile more often 😊”

Meanwhile, Eunwoo’s recent post has surpassed 4 Million likes on Instagram. It’s the first time for his photos to do so.

Check out all the pictures below!

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