VICTON’s Seungwoo Flaunts His Dazzling Visual For ‘Esquire’

VICTON‘s Seungwoo showed off his unique charm with the “Esquire.”

On December 24, the magazine “Esquire” has released a pictorial and an interview with Han Seungwoo, the oldest member of the group VICTON.

In the pictures, Seungwoo flaunts his natural beauty in line with the concept of the pictorial “The guy next door.”

Seungwoo then expressed his deep feelings about his future career as a member of an idol group. He said, “I want to do music that suits my age music even when I am old. I think I can do music for a long time only when I pay more attention to music than performance or image.”

Meanwhile, Seungwoo, who picked Park Jaebeom as his role model, said, “I’m not saying that I want to be a famous singer like J-Park, but I want to make things on my own like J-Park.”

Enjoy the pictures below!

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