BTS Jimin Gifts Fans With The Song ‘Christmas Love’

BTS Jimin unveiled a new song to celebrate Christmas.

On the morning of December 24, Jimin released the new song “Christmas Love” through BTS’s official SoundCloud.

“Christmas Love” was produced by Slow Rabbit while Jimin and RM participated in the song production.

After releasing the song, Jimin wrote the message, “I want you all to listen to this song, and I’m very happy that it was finally possible. I’m here today to tell you a bit about the reason why I shared such a cheerful song during difficult times now. “

“As you can tell from the lyrics, this song contains the emotions I felt in one of my favorite childhood memories, which was when I first saw heavy snowfall. I think that as we grew up, we really grew to miss our childhood. But I’m sure we still have those emotions inside us. So even though it feels childish, why don’t we express those emotions? I thought it would be nice if today was the day that happened. “

“The song is a bit lacking compared to this great post I wrote, but I made it with the hope that everyone will be happy.”

Enjoy Jimin’s new song below!

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