Red Velvet’s Wendy To Be The MC For JTCB’s New Music Talk Show ‘Mysterious Record Shop’

Red Velvet’s Wendy will be the MC for JTCB’s new music talk show titled ‘Mysterious Record Shop.’

According to JTBC and SM C&C STUDIO, the new music talk show “Delivery Gayo-Mysterious Record Shop” will be broadcast in January 2021.

Yoon Jongshin, Jang Yoonjung, Super Junior Kyuhyun, and Red Velvet Wendy have been confirmed as MCs. This will also mark Wendy’s first official schedule as a full-time MC.

The MCs are described as the perfect combination of laughter, touch, and fun. This is also Wendy’s first official schedule since her injury. She previously fell from a platform during a rehearsal at SBS’s annual Gayo Daejun, fracturing her pelvis, wrist and injuring her face.  

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