VICTON Announces New Release Date For First Full-Length Album ‘VOICE: The Future Is Now’

VICTON will be releasing their new music soon.

On December 18, PlayM Entertainment said, “The release date of the first full-length album “VOICE: The Future is Now” that VICTON postponed on December 1st has been re-established as January 11, 2021.”

Voice : The Future is Now” is the first full-length album by VICTON. It was set to be released on December 1, 2020, with “What I Said” as the title track but it was postponed.

The album was postponed because of “several difficulties including schedule changes as the social distancing level was raised to level 2 following the spike in COVID-19 cases.”

VICTON will be making their comeback with the first full album “VOICE : The future is now” on January 11th.

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