Knetizens Compare DIOR’s Ambassadors Bae Suzy And BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Ambassador Bae Suzy or Ambassador BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo?

On a popular Korean online community, Knetizens compare Suzy and Jisoo’s beauty modeling for the luxury brand DIOR.

Check out their comments below!



They’re both perfect

Both of them are elegant

Jisoo is so pretty but I like both of them

Dior has eyes…

Jisoo looks great with Dior

How can they be so beautiful?

They both have innocent faces.

– Both are elegant and pretty like a real Lady

I came in while thinking about Suzy. I wanted to buy a Lady Dior bag because of Suzy

–  I think Jisoo looks really good 

Both of them are Korean people’s favorite faces

I thought the two were similar, but looking at these pictorials, they have different atmospheres

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