Kim Junsu’s Fans Made A Donation To Help Families Suffering From COVID-19

Singer Kim Junsu‘s fans showed off their good hearts.

On December 15, Good Neighbors, an international relief and development NGO, revealed that Kim Junsu’s fans (Kim Junsu Gallery) delivered donations and goods for children in crisis families who are suffering from economic difficulties due to COVID-19.

Kim Junsu Gallery said that they decided to donate to join Kim Junsu’s desire to give positive energy to everyone by using the power of music during a difficult time with the COVID-19.

They will donate a total of 2,430 packs, including 1,215 packs for women’s goods, in time for the singer’s 35th birthday.

Meanwhile, Kim Junsu released his second mini-album “Pit A Pat” on November 10.

Source: (1) Photo: CJ Entertainment

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