JIYEON Shows Off Her Goddess-Like Beauty In Latest Pictorial For 1st Look

Actress Jiyeon looks stunning in her latest pictorial.

On December 14, the magazine 1st Look has released Jiyeon’s photoshoot for its December issue. In the pictures, Jiyeon flaunts her elegant and seductive charms. She also overwhelms with her delicate poses and vibrant red lips.

In the interview after the photoshoot, she talked about being on a stage again with T-ARA. She said, ‘In the past, I planned and prepared many stages such as concerts and fan meetings with the members, but it was not easy. Now that they are working individually, there were many difficulties in the coordination process. When I first went to the practice room, I didn’t realize it. As we practiced together just yesterday, as soon as the song started, my body moved naturally and it was amazing. Then on the day I stood on stage, I think my emotions exploded completely. I felt happy, but I felt like I was about to cry.”

Jiyeon’s pictorials and interview are available in Magazine First Look No. 209.

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