Yoona And Han So-Hee In The Same Dress, Knetizens React

Yoona and Han So-hee wear the same dress!

In a popular Korean community, fans expressed their thoughts on actress Han So-hee and actress Yoona wearing the same long dress.

Check out their reactions below!



“Yoona, wow.”

“The dress itself is so pretty”

“It looks better on Han Sohee. It’s not about being prettier but Yoona looks better in bright colors.”

“They’re both absolutely beautiful.”

“Yoona is really pretty. Wow”

“Han Sohee was so pretty that day, I remember”

“Wow, Sohee Han is crazy. She’s a goddess. Yoona is so pure and beautiful! “

“They’re wearing the same clothes, but the atmosphere is different”

“That dress is pretty and everyone in it is beautiful. Yoona wears Alex Perry often.”

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