TWICE’s ”What Is Love?’ MV Hits 450 Million Views

TWICE’s ”What Is Love?’ MV exceeds 450 million views.

On December 11, the music video for ‘What Is Love?’ has reached 450 million views and 3,9 million likes on Youtube.

The group released ‘What Is Love?’ on  April 9, 2018, achieving 450 million views in just two years and eight months. 

This TWICE’s third music video to reach this milestone after ‘TT’ and ‘Likey.’ Not only that, TWICE is the third K-pop group with the most MVs to reach that milestone.

Fans commented, “Finally 450m, let’s get 500 faster,” “3.9m likes let’s get to 4m likes soon,” “Congrats once we did it,” and “That “TWICE” in the start will always remain iconic.”

Check out the video again below!

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