Kang Daniel’s Fanclub DANITY Donated 13 Million Won To Celebrate His Birthday

Kang Daniel‘s fanclub DANITY made a new donation.

Kang Daniel’s Fanclub donated 13 Million won to International Development Cooperation NGO G Foundation to commemorate his 25th birthday.

The G Foundation expressed its gratitude, saying, “The donation of 13,003,000 won collected by singer Kang Daniel’s fan club has been delivered,” adding, “Thanks to your warm heart, underprivileged neighbors will be able to spend a warm winter.

Park Chungkwan, CEO of G-Foundation, said, “Since last year, the good influence of singer Kang Daniel is expanding into a donation culture through fans. I sincerely thank those who have been with us at a difficult time with Corona 19 and will deliver the precious donations from fans to the underprivileged.”

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