aespa’s Karina Drives Knetizens Crazy With Her New Bangs

aespa‘s Karina continues to attract all eyes with her unique and outstanding beauty. During today’s episode of ‘Music Bank,’ she looked amazing with her new bangs that highlighted her flawless shape.

Check out below what knetizens think about her new looks!

“Karina, you’re so beautiful”

“She’s pretty when it’s there and pretty when it’s not there”

“She’s prettier here. She’s like Jennie.”

“Wow, she looks like a doll”

“The more I see her, the more attractive and pretty she is”

“She looks better than I thought”

“I was wondering what changed, and it was the bangs. LOL. The ending was cute today!”

“The face shape is small and thin like a real game character. So pretty.”

“She’s really gorgeous…Is it live? She’s good at live, too.”

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