Bae Suzy Shows Off Her Goddess-Like Beauty Even With A Mask On In Recent Instagram Update

Bae Suzy flaunts her outstanding beauty.

On December 6, Bae Suzy posted several photos on Instagram along with the caption, “Thanks, Dior. The beanie is so cute.”

The pictures showed Suzy wearing a beanie and a jacket from a luxury brand and posing with a cute expression. In particular, Suzy’s beauty cannot be covered by the mask.

Fans left many positive comments, “Suzy in front of her building. Omg,” “Dior queen,” “Suzy so cute,” and “This is a clear photo of what Suzy’s house looks like from the outside.”

Meanwhile, Suzy is meeting viewers of the small screen every Saturday and Sunday with the tvN’s drama “Startup.”

Check out the pictures below!

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