Kang Daniel Earned The Most Votes For 141 Weeks In A Row On Idol Chart

Singer Kang Daniel won the most votes on the Idol Chart.

According to Idol Chart, Kang Daniel earned the highest number of votes in the fourth week of November. He ranked first with 356,333 votes for 141 consecutive weeks in a row. 

In terms of the number of ‘Likes,’ which measure the size of his fandom, Kang Daniel received 42,636 likes.

The next positions belong to Lim Young-woong (3,0753 votes), BTS Jimin (BTS 52,843 votes), Lee Chanwon (47,268 votes), BTS V (BTS, 44,056 votes), Song Gain (30,602 votes), BTS Jungkook (BTS, 21,557 votes), Young Tak (21,264 votes), Kim Hojung (17,437 votes), and BTS  Jin (BTS, 13,028 votes).

Congratulations to Kang Daniel!

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