Knetizens Praise aespa’s Sparkling Outfits For Their Inkigayo’s Performance

SM’s new rookie girl group aespa continues to captivate all attention even with their outfits!

Check out below what knetizens think about their recent performance at Inkigayo with the debut song ‘Black Mamba’ and their sparkling clothes!



“Their outfits look better on stage than in the pictures”

“It’s like a game character outfit”

“It’s so bright under the light that it’s cool”

“Ning Ning is very pretty”

“It’s like a robot suit”

“It’s pretty because it sparkles every time they move on stage”

“The concept of the clothes is unique and pretty”

“It’s like a real game character’s outfit”

“Everyone looks so pretty on stage”

“It’s like a figure skating outfit. aespa is pretty. Karina’s waist is thin

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