Knetizens Praise Kang Daniel ‘Acid Dreams’ Performance At ‘2020 Asia Artist Award’

Kang Daniel‘s Acid Dreams collaboration with MAX at the 2020 Asia Artist Award‘ earns a lot of praise.

On a popular Korean community, knetizens talked about the recent Kang Daniel’s live performance at the ‘2020 Asia Artist Award.’ Wearing a glamorous black suit, the singer captivated with his husky voice and smooth movements.

Check out knetizens’ reactions below!

“He’s so handsome”

“He’s doing well on the stage”

“Oh, that’s what happens when Kang Daniel sings. He has a nice voice!”

“The first GIF is crazy”

“He’s a great performer. His clothes are luxurious. He looks like a gentleman”

“Vocal and physical. Everything was just perfect”

“This style suits him better than I expected. The dance and the stage are great”

“I think the shoulder lift is crazy”

“He looks relaxed on stage and he has such a great physique”

“His voice and dance are so good that I’m watching the stage again”

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