Knetizens Think aespa Karina Looks Like A Goddess With Her Crown

Kneizens can’t stop to praise aespa Karina’s beauty in her recent outfit.

On a popular Korean community, knetizens shared their opinion about Karina wearing a crown and a long dress for aespa’s upcoming live performance with ‘Black Mamba.’

Check out their reactions below!

“Karina is a goddess”

“Wow, how did she look like that? She’s so pretty”

“How did she looks like that? She’s like a cartoon”

“Wow, but she must be so cold… …it’s below zero these days.”

“How is the tip of her nose like that? She’s so pretty”

“Wow, it looks good on you”

“She’s a real goddess, more beautiful than she is on TV”

“I want to try styling like that at least once in my life. It looks good on her”

“She’s a Disney princess”

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