aespa’s Karina Drives Knetizens Crazy With Her Ethereal Ending Fairy

Kneizens are in love with aespa Karina’s ending fairy.

On a popular Korean community, knetizens praised Karina’s ending fairy during aespa’s Inkigayo stage with the debut song ‘Black Mamba.’ She became a hot topic online due to her unique beauty and strong stage presence.

Check out their reactions below!

“She is really pretty and charming”

“How can she have such a slim chin? She looks like a real game character.”

“Honestly, she seems more ai than the ai”

” I envy you because you look pretty”

“She looks like a Barbie doll”

“She stands out the most on stage and has the best physique”

“She’s the prettiest girl I’ve seen recently”

“Her face is really small. I like Karina and Giselle”

“How can she be so pretty?”

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