GOT7’s ‘You Calling My Name’ MV Hits 100 Million Views On Youtube

GOT7 ‘You Calling My Name‘ music video hits 100 million views on Youtube.

On November 22, GOT7’s ‘You Calling My Name’ music video reached 100 million views and 2 million likes on Youtube. GOT7 released ‘You Calling My Name’ from the mini-album “Call My Name” back in November 2019.

1n just 1 year, 17 days, and 11 hours since its release, the video has finally reached 100 million views. This is the fastest GOT7’s music video to achieve this milestone since their debut.

This is also GOT7’s 7th music video to reach 100 million views after ‘Just Right,’ ‘If You Do,’ ‘Never Ever,’ ‘A,’ ‘Lullaby,’ and ‘Hard Carry.’

Fans commented, “Happy 100M YCMN!!! Proud Ahgase here,” “Reached 100M! superb! Let’s stream all GOT7 videos,” “This masterpiece deserves more than a hundred million views,” and “We made it before their comeback. Congratulations!”

Check out the video again below!

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