Knetizens Discuss About aespa’s Amazing Body Proportions

aespa‘s members wow with their amazing body proportions. 

On November 18, on a Korean online community, Knetizens talked about aespa’s first stage appearance with their debut song ‘Black Mamba.‘ In particular, they’ve expressed their opinion on the girls’ amazing visuals and proportions.

Check out Knetizens’ comments below!

“Karina stands out”

“Karina looks like a model”

“Karina’s face is as big as a bean”

“Other members don’t look bad, but Carina is the best”

“They look normal except for Karina. Karina seems to be especially well-proportioned among celebrities”

“Among all the SM girl group we’ve seen so far, the ratio is the best”

“I think Winter’s a real treasure”

“Giselle’s got great legs. She’s a model”

“Karina has such a small face and she’s tall that I think her proportions are great”

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