BTS Jungkook Talks About Being The Director Of ‘Life Goes On’ Music Video

BTSJungkook opened up about being the director of the upcoming ‘Life Goes On‘ music video.

On November 20,  BTS held a press conference for the new album ‘BE’ and the title track ‘Life Goes On.’

In the press conference, Jungkook talked about his debut as a director. He said, “If you call me director, I will feel embarrassed.”

I came to take charge of the music video because I like taking videos. I took the role, so I did my best. When I hear ‘Life Goes On’, I feel realness from it. I thought the most important thing about the song is the realness and genuineness.”

“I also asked the members if there were any personal aspects that they wanted to show, and I tried to reflect their opinions in the MV.”

“The emotion I wanted to express is the sadness and the longing that was felt because the tour was canceled due to COVID19 and because we couldn’t see ARMYs much.” cr

Meanwhile, BTS will release the new album ‘BE’ and the title track ‘Life Goes On’ today.

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