aespa’s “Black Mamba” Is The Fastest K-Pop Debut Music Video To Reach 20 Million Views On YouTube

aespa‘s “Black Mamba” music video surpassed 20 million views.

On November 17, aespa has released the awaited ‘Black Mamba’ music video on Youtube.

In just 24 hours ‘Black Mamba’ has reached 21.4M views and 1.3M likes. This is the fastest K-Pop debut music video to reach this milestone on YouTube.

aespa is SM’s first girl group in six years since Red Velvet. The name aespa is a combination of “æ,” which expresses ‘Avatar X Experience,’ and the word ‘aspect,’ which stands for “meeting another of your own self avatar and experiencing a new world.”

Enjoy the music video again below!

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