aespa Releases A Group Teaser Image With Their Virtual Characters For ‘Black Mamba’

On November 14 KSt, SM Entertainment unveiled a new teaser photo of aespa‘s virtual characters on Twitter. In the picture, æ-Karina, æ-Ningning, æ-Giselle, and æ-Winter stand in front of the camera in their glamorous outfits.

SM new rookie girl group aespa will debut with the song “Black Mamba.” “Black Mamba” is a powerful dance song with intense bass and a catchy spell-like hook. The song is also a threatening existent to the world and a hindrance to the connection of aespa & ‘ae’, their avatars.

The group is scheduled to release its first single “Black Mamba” through various music sites on November 17 at 6 PM KST.

Photo: SM Entertainment

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