‘Gwangcheon Kim Model’ Is Receiving A Lot Of Attention Due To His Resemblance To Kang Daniel

The “Kwangcheon Kim model” has become a hot topic online for resembling Kang Daniel

On October 28, a post titled “Review of inquiring about the Gwangcheon Kim model” received a lot of attention in various online communities. In the article, the writer talks with a counselor at Gwangcheon Kim Company. After buying Gwangcheon Kim at the mart, the writer called to see if the model on the wrapper was Kang Daniel.

According to the article, the writer asked, “Who is the model idol on the cover when I bought Gwangcheon Kim?” and the counselor replied, “Our chairman’s son.” 

As the article spread online, The home page of the Gwangcheon Kim website was not accessible due to excessive traffic. “Gwangcheon Kim” has also appeared at the top of the portal site’s real-time search word list.

One media outlet confirmed that the model was the son of the chairman.

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