Kang Daniel Teams Up With The Same Photographer Who Worked With Paul McCartney And Micheal Jackson For His First Artbook ‘Never Standing Still’

Singer Kang Daniel will release his first artbook!

On October 27, Konnect Entertainment announced that the preorders for Kang Daniel’s first art book, “Never Standing Steel – It’s Time To SHINE,” will start on the 30th.

The agency said, “The story of Kang Daniel’s music and dreams, and the passion and concern of those in their 20s who face reality are composed like a movie,” adding, “We focused on capturing Kang Daniel’s image behind the stage.”

The photos were taken by world-renowned photographer Kim Myung-Joong that worked with Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Johnny Depp, Victoria Beckham, and Prince Charles of England.

Check out the video below!

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