Bae Suzy Shakes Fans’ Hearts With Her Cute Charms On Instagram

Bae Suzy melts hearts with her cuteness.

On October 25, Bae Suzy posted a new photo on Instagram along with the caption, “Seo Dal-Mi.” The pictures show Suzy on the set of her new drama “Start-Up.” She also attracts all eyes making a cute expression on the bus.

Fans commented, “Cute,” “Suzy your drama is the best,” “Can’t wait for the next episode,” “Startup fighting,” “The prettiest,” “Dalmi is so cute and beautiful,” “I’m happy seeing you happy,” and “The cutest bunny Dalmi.”

Meanwhile, Suzy plays Seo Dal-Mi on tvN’s new drama “Start-Up.”

Photo: skuukzky/Instagram

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