TWICE’s ‘MORE & MORE’ MV Hits 200 Million Views on YouTube

TWICE’s ‘MORE & MORE’ MV hits 200 million views on Youtube.

On October 24, TWICE’s music video “MORE & MORE” reached 200 million views and 4.2 million likes on Youtube. TWICE reached this milestone in just 4 months and 22 days since the music video was released on June 1st.

This is TWICE’s 13th music video to reach 200 million views after ‘TT,’ ‘Cheer Up,’ ‘Like OOH-AHH,’ ‘Likey,’ ‘Heart Shaker,’ ‘Knock Knock,’ ‘What Is Love?’, ‘Signal,’ ‘YES or YES,’ ‘Fancy,’ ‘Dance the Night Away,’ and ‘Feel Special.’

‘More & More’ has also surpassed 50 million streams on Spotify, becoming TWICE’s fastest track to do so in only 70 days.

Fans happily commented, “Congratulations for 200M views,” “Happy 200 million views once and twice,” “The views are fast now. Happy 200M,” “Next goal 300M,” “and “Keep streaming ONCE.”

Check out the music video again below:

Congratulations to TWICE!

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