Kang Daniel Invincible On Idol Chart For 135 Weeks In A Row

Singer Kang Daniel won the highest number of votes on Idol Chart’s Rating Ranking in the third week of October (20.10.16-20.10.22).

​In the Rating Ranking chart of the first week of August by Idol Chart as of August 13, Kang Daniel received the most votes in the 135th week in a row with 301,779 votes. In terms of the number of ‘likes’ that measure the size of his fandom, Kang Daniel took first place with 48,820 likes.

The next positions belonged to Lim Youngwoong (238,176 votes), BTS Jimin (59,4548 votes), BTS V (39,859 votes), Lee Chanwon (37,014 votes), Song Gain (37,715 votes), BTS JungKook (18,902), Youngtak (18,905 votes), Kim Hojung (16,274 votes), and BTS Jin (10,644 votes).

Congratulations to Kang Daniel!

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