Park Jihoon Is Blonde In New Teasers For The Upcoming Comeback With ‘MESSAGE’

Park Jihoon melts heart with his visual.

On October 23, Park Jihoon released new teasers for his upcoming comeback with the first full-length album ‘MESSAGE.‘ In the released images, Park Jihoon overwhelms with his shining visuals and blonde hair. His unique eyes, sharp jawline, and sharp nose attract all attention.

The new album is the first album to be released in six months since the third mini-album “The W” released in May, and the first full-length album to be released in a year and eight months since his solo debut.

Meanwhile, Park Jihoon’s first full-length album ‘MESSAGE’ will be available on various music sites on November 4 at 6 p.m. KST.

Photos: Park_Jihoon_twt/twitter