Red Velvet’s Irene Has Finished Filming Her First Movie ‘Double Patty’

Red Velvet‘s Irene has finished filming the movie ‘Double Patty.’

“Double Patty” is a film depicting the growth of young people living with dreams and hopes, and Red Velvet Irene will be playing the role of an aspiring anchorwoman. Previously, Irene was ‘Areum’ in the web drama “Woman At A Game Company” back in 2016.

Irene said, “Time seems to have gone by so quickly. As we worked hard on the film, I hope it will be a fun and encouraging movie for the audience as well,” she said, raising expectations for the movie.

Baek Seunghwan, who directed the film, said, “All the actors and staff have done a lot of hard work. We enjoyed working together and we will do our best until the end so that we can complete it with good work.”

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