WEKI MEKI Doyeon And BLACKPINK Jennie Drive Netizens Crazy With Their Selfie Together

WEKI MEKI and BLACKPINK Jennie look adorable together.

On October 18, Doyeon shared her selfie with Jennie on Instagram with the caption, “We are the LOVESICK COOL GIRLS.” In the picture, the singer poses next to Jennie at Inkigayo’s backstage. The unique visuals and warm chemistry of Doyeon and Jennie melted everyone’s hearts.

Fans left many comments, “I love you both,” “Supportive bestfriend,” “You are the most beautiful girls in the world,” “Now this is epic,” and “The power in this picture is immaculate.”

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK has recently released its first full-length album “THE ALBUM,” and Weki Meki is also back with its fourth mini-album ‘NEW RULES.’

Enjoy the photo below!

Photo: lafilledhiver_/instagram

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