Red Velvet Sings The OST “Future” For Bae Suzy’s New Drama ‘Start-Up’

Red Velvet is participating in the OST for Bae Suzy‘s new drama ‘Start-Up.

Red Velvet’s OST for tvN drama “Start-Up” is entitled “미래” (“Future” in English). “Future” is an electronic medium pop genre track featuring a bright synth sound and a stylish arrangement.

As the lyrics say, “Don’t let me forget my dream where the stars are pouring down. We will end up together,” it’s a song that contains the message that no matter how anxious tomorrow is, we will be able to overcome it.

This the second time Wendy and Seulgi are doing an OST for Suzy and Nam Joo Hyuk’s drama. Wendy with ‘Return’ for ‘Who Are You: School 2015′ and Seulgi with Wendy with Don’t Push Me’ for ‘Uncontrollably Fond.’

Check out the video below!

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