GOT7’s ‘Not By The Moon’ MV Hits 60 Million Views And 2 Million Likes On Youtube

GOT7‘s “Not By The Moon” music video reaches 60 million views on Youtube.

On October 15, GOT7’s “Not By The Moon” music video reached 60 million views and 2 million likes on Youtube. GOT7 released ‘Not By The Moon’ from the 11th mini-album ‘DYE’ back in April 2020. The song was written, composed, and arranged by JYP Entertainment founder Park Jinyoung.

Fans commented, “Proud to be Ahgase,” “Happy 60M,” “We reached our 60m goal thanks to your hard work Ahgase,” “Let’s get 70m soon Ahgases keep spinning,” and “Happy 2m likes on not by the moon.”

Check out the music video again below:

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